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Rotating, zooming, sliding views

Add motion to your website. Place your content to an unlimited canvas; use motion paths, rotations and zooms between views to let your visitors go on a virtual journey through your site.

Link your views and SEOptimize

Each view is accessible through a unique URL. Create hyperlinks to go with one click from one view to another. Each view can be shared, found and read by search engines while making Webpgr SEO compatible.

Build on HTML, CSS and JS

Add any web elements to your site. You can place images and text along with videos, maps, or contact forms on your site. Webpgr does not put any restriction on the content you can use.

Edit your page like you see it

Webpgr is really easy to use. Our editor works directly in the page. Similar to Powerpoint or Photoshop you are not restricted to table layouts. Just drag and drop, move, rotate and resize your content!
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